1. Create a Website
curl -XPOST /api/v1/websites/create

# result
    "id": <website_id>,
    "tracker_token": <token>,
    "tracker": <script tag to be included in html>
2. Fetch Website Details

To get details of a website by its ID

curl -XGET "$RECORDER_HOST/api/v1/websites/:website_id"

To list all the websites which are configured

curl -XGET "$RECORDER_HOST/api/v1/websites"
3. Update a website.

Set a user friendly domain name. Configure monthly quota for the number of recordings to be captured for this website.

curl -XPOST /api/v1/websites/:id/update -H "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" -d "rate_limit=10000&domain=www.example.com"
4. User Access Control

To list users who have access to a website and its videos

curl -XGET "$RECORDER_HOST/api/v1/websites/:website_id/users"

# Returns a JSON
# {"users":[{"email":"hello@uxlens.com","active":true}]}

To add users to a website

curl -XPOST -d"email=asd@example.com"  "$RECORDER_HOST/api/v1/websites/:website_id/users/add"

To remove users from a website

curl -XPOST -d"email=asd@example.com"  "$RECORDER_HOST/api/v1/websites/:website_id/users/remove"

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