Query recorded session data for a website
GET /api/v1/websites/:website_id/sessions?pager=&startdate=2018-01-01&enddate=2018-02-19&search=

    "results": [
            "website_id": "28c04fcf-5df1-4190-ab51-460319e5888c",
            "session_id": "554606b1-041f-11e8-874d-07f79f90805c",
            "uid": "96814c03b8277b35c27a3a4560f61f22",
            "browser": "Firefox 57",
            "os": "Ubuntu ",
            "ip": "::ffff:",
            "tags": [
            "location": null,
            "last_action_at": "2018-01-28T11:35:32.158Z",
            "first_action_at": "2018-01-28T11:35:25.595Z",
            "referrer": null
    "meta": {
        "pager": "21514a2e27ce5b05141c5e556b71ca1df392138acd9da8874b0c24c6ff9a6315f1ca2ddfa615108f29fb47ace4eaa30da48064c000cb71db9c9294f8"

pager has to be passed as a query param to continue results from the last set of results returned.

search is a text field to send any kind of filter to be applied on the result set. The filter expressions can be created using the Advanced Search button in the UI.

1.To get sessions of only new users who have visited the site


2.To get returning users


3.To get sessions of users who filled a form input called email but did not submit the form

`search=matchAll{ changed(form#enquiry input.email)  !click(form#enquiry button.submit-btn) }`
Get count of Sessions
GET /api/v1/websites/:website_id/count?startdate=2018-01-01&enddate=2018-02-19&search=

{"count": 256}

All the URL parameters will be same as the previous API to fetch sessions

Playback URL

Visit $RECORDER_HOST/recordings/<website_id>/<session_id> where website_id and session_id are part of the session data queried through the API

Users have to be authenticated and should have proper authorizations as per the website configuration

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