A Simple way to watch and improve user experience.
Watch users live or recorded.

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Developer First

Simple installation and configuration makes it so easy to use. Just copy and paste a javascript snippet on your webpage to start gathering insights.

Identify user journeys by ids/names.
srec('uid', 'username')

Tag user journeys for easy filtering and for conversions tracking.
srec('tag', 'lead')


Don't spend time watching all the videos, instead apply a filter and get right to the ones where users might be experiencing issues. For ex. to filter users who added an item to a cart but did not checkout can be found using


To make it easier to write the filter expression there is a UI to help you build such complex filters

There is an upcoming feature for conversion funnels to even reduce the effort to see the drops at every stage of your funnel Coming soon

Supported Content and Devices

Works on all html content rendered on server side or rendered client side using javascript. Works well with frameworks such as Angular, React etc.

Do you want to record your responsive site across device sizes? Don't worry we take care of the device sizes and orientation as well.

Works on 92% of the browsers used worldwide across mobiles, tablets and desktops. But No support for IE < 10 and Opera mini