UXlens Documentation

The following documentation is meant to be a brief and simple guide to setup and use UXlens app.

What is UXlens Session Recorder ?

It is a tracking tool and will record and playback the actions a user takes on your webapp. The actions can be viewed in the form of a video recording by the site admin to identify issues in your webapp.

The kind of issues that you can uncover using this tool are

  • UX issue because of which your users are unable to easily navigate or perform an action.
  • Some javascript issue for a particular browser because of which your UI may not be functioning as intended.
  • See where your users drop and what they did just before they left.

Please note that you will have to disclose that users are being tracked as per your local laws in your site privacy policy. We will be using cookies, track IP address and browser details apart from the on the screen actions.

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