Self Host UXLens

Looking for self hosting analytics tools like hotjar or inspectlet to watch user journeys then follow the installation steps below self host analytics for your web app.

UXLens will help bring all the details down to user actions on the screen so that you can fix and improve your application and user experience.

Also self hosting can help protect your user data by securing it on your own network


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Method 1. Automated installation

If you love Digitalocean like we do and want a preconfigured server try this one click installer

Method 2. Manual Installation
  1. Install docker on the machine you want to host by following the official documentation
  2. Execute the following script which will pull the latest docker image and setup a local instance of the UXLens
    curl | bash -
    Note this will require sudo or root persmission to run on port 80/443

Next Steps

You can monitor docker setup using the command docker logs -f recorder.
After your see All migrations ran successfully! message in the logs you can visit http://<localhost_or_ip> to start playing with the app.

Production Usage

For production usage there are a few more steps to be completed to ensure proper safety of your data (setting up a firewall, https proxy, etc...). Please look at the detailed Documentation for more information